Let's Make Longwood Safer for All Cyclists

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The Longwood Area is growing...

Over 110,800 people  are in the Longwood Medical Area every day .   

Over 110,800 people commuters, visitors, and patients descend on Longwood each day.

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By 2030 the Longwood Medical Area is projected to grow by 13,200 employees and 6.86 million gross square feet.


And many people are changing how they get around...

Since 2000... 

Transit use has increased 12%  since 2000.

Transit use has increased 12%

Walking and biking has   increased 7%  since 2000.

Walking and biking have increased 7%

The number of drive-alone commuters has   decreased 19%  since 2000.

Drive-alone commuters have decreased 19%

(Source: MASCO, 2015.)


Bike Safety in the Longwood Area 

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Longwood Area Cyclists is made up of people who ride a bicycle, or would like to-- for convenience, health and fun. 

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