Advocacy Videos

Whether waiting together for a green light on Longwood Ave or passing each other at a bike cage in the evening as we hurry home, many of us witness each other on our bikes every day. We've created two videos that will help you get to know some of your Longwood Cyclist colleagues and neighbors while realizing shared concerns like bike access and safety. Share these videos with those who cycle and those who do not -- safe streets are safer for everyone!

What are common safety issues for bicyclists in the Longwood Area?

In this video, we talk to Longwood Area bike commuters and local advocacy leaders to identify core safety concerns and ideas for change.

What is it like to be a bicyclist in the Longwood Medical Area?

In this video, nurses, doctors and administrators of area hospitals discuss safety and infrastructure as concerns for commuting into the Longwood Medical Area via Longwood Avenue.

Longwood Cyclists Summit 

DCR, Northeastern and MASCO presented plans and visions for bike travel in the Longwood area at the Longwood Cyslists Summit on February 15, 2017. View the full presentations below.